Dirty Bike Helmets Under $200

The Best Dirty Bike Helmets Under 200 in 2023

If you’re joining dust cycling, you probably recognize the significance of Dirty Bike Helmets Under $200 to protect your noggin. The issue is that so many high quality helmets can increase to a hefty rate before you even blink. But do not allow that destroy your fun.

Right here’s a list of the top 11 motorcycle safety helmets that are under $200 by rufuscorporation.

  • Bell MX-9 Journey MIPS Headgear.
  • Fly Racing F2 Carbon Pure Headgear.
  • AFX FX-41 DS Helmet.
  • Fox Racing V1 Concept Safety Helmet.
  • O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet.
  • EVS T7 GT Headgear.
  • HJC i50 Helmet.

Together with an affordable price, there are a few significant elements to take into consideration about a motorcycle safety helmet prior to you buy one. The significant facets include security, comfort, as well as various other available functions. I’ll chat with you about these aspects as we take a closer look at each of these safety helmets provided.

Top 7 Best Dirty Bike Helmets Under $200

Bell MX-9 Journey MIPS Safety Helmet


Bell — We are pleased to present to you a list of best dirty bike helmets under $200 as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover! has been bring out top quality safety helmets because 1954 and also has an excellent track record amongst lots of motorcycle riders. The Bell MX-9 Journey Safety helmet with MIPS modern technology is no exception to the business’s top quality headgears.


The Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet is valued around $160 relying on the graphics that you choose. Several of the other graphics choices come up at around $210, so simply know that price difference.

Whatever graphics you pick, this helmet supplies numerous terrific functions that certainly give you the bang for your buck.

Safety and security:

The Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Headgear is DOT licensed and offers some impressive safety functions that make this a quality safety helmet for the rate.

Among the biggest safety attributes of this helmet is absolutely the Multi-directional Effect Security System (MIPS). As explained in the video above, the MIPS appears as a yellow shell under the cushioning. The object of this system is to aid balance out the rotational pressures in case of an impact, providing you optimal security.


The safety helmet building is made of a polycarbonate/ABS shell that is lightweight, including in the overall convenience of the headgear on your neck.

The product is likewise luxurious and comfy while keeping your head firmly in place within your helmet. The cellular lining is likewise detachable, washable, and anti-microbial.

Other Functions:

The air flow system in the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Safety helmet is also worth discussing. This safety helmet includes a velocity flow ventilation system that assists to bring the hot air in your helmet out while you’re out riding. This function definitely offers maximum air conditioning for your head.

Fly Racing Unisex-Adult Full-face-Helmet-Style F2 Carbon Pure


Fly Racing — We are pleased to present to you a list of best dirty bike helmets under $200 as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover! is a huge business when it comes to motorcycle gear, however the majority of particularly in the helmet department.

Their helmets are known to be lightweight, yet protective, and the F2 Carbon Pure Helmet is no various.


The rate for the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Pure Headgear comes at around $180. This price goes to the greater end of this list, however you won’t be let down with the high-quality of this safety helmet that numerous dirt bicycle riders go crazy about.


The Fly Competing F2 Carbon Pure Safety helmet satisfies both ECE and also DOT requirements, which gives it excellent safety and security ratings from the outset. These accreditations are provided permanently reason with the EPS in this helmet.

This Fly Racing helmet comes with a dual-density EPS liner, which aids in the total security that this headgear uses in case of an influence. The essence behind this system is that the two different linings (among a softer thickness and the other more challenging) aid take in the influence energy that comes throughout a collision.

This system makes it so that the helmet takes in the majority of the influence power, as opposed to your head soaking up that power as well as receiving great deals of damage.


Among the greatest elements that offers comfort for the rider using this headgear is all measurements taken for the ventilation system.

Firstly, the multi-port air induction cooling down system consists of 11 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents that supply exceptional air movement throughout the safety helmet.

The EPS lining likewise helps in the airflow as the air coming in from the intake vents travels through the EPS lining as well as out the exhaust vents. This provides optimum air flow throughout the safety helmet and around the rider’s go to maximum convenience while out on a warm trip.

Various other Attributes:

The cellular lining on the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Pure Helmet is comfortable as well as effective in keeping you cool while out riding. But the cellular lining additionally has a quick release for easy removal in case of an emergency or for ease when taking the padding out to clean.

AFX FX-41 DS Helmet


AFX — We are pleased to present to you a list of best dirty bike helmets under $200 as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover! is a relatively brand-new motorcycle gear firm, but they are bringing in some aggressive competition for various other motorcycle headgear firms. The AFX FX-41 DS Headgear is an excellent instance of this for it’s high-quality and awesome features. You can find this helmet on Amazon right here.


The AFX FX-41 DS Helmet comes at a reasonable price of about $170 depending on where you discover it. Although still on top of our list, regarding cost goes, the safety helmet uses terrific attributes that are most definitely worth the cost.


This headgear form AFX satisfies both ECE and DOT standards for security. The satisfy of this helmet’s security originates from its building and construction.

The AFX FX-41 DS Helmet is constructed of a poly-alloy compound that is very strong while additionally keeping a light-weight on the motorcyclist’s head. The headgear likewise can be found in 2 shell sizes to aid guarantee that you get the ideal size for your head’s security.

The face shield of this helmet help in the general security of the safety helmet. The face shield is scratch-resistant as well as secures against UV rays. The general construction of the face shield is created to be optically appropriate in order to make sure the motorcyclist’s vision is not obstructed.

The face guard is also detachable if you intend to use goggles instead. The face guard, nonetheless, is a remarkable addition to this headgear as it secures your face from all kinds of particles that comes while out riding.


The AFX FX-41 DS Safety helmet has terrific comfort features, consisting of the ventilation system and also the headgear’s cellular lining as well as extra padding.

This safety helmet includes air vents at the chin, sides, forehead, top, and back, adding up to be 17 in total throughout the safety helmet.

The safety helmet lining and extra padding are constructed from hypoallergenic and anti-microbial nylon. This material makes this safety helmet a comfy choice for all motorcyclists, especially those with sensitive skin. The anti-microbial material additionally aids in keeping clean as well as smelling excellent; although, it’s certainly suggested to clean the lining usually.

Other Attributes:

A wonderful attribute consisted of in this helmet is the extra room around the ear tooth cavity. This space gives the room required for many speaker systems. So, if you’re interested in a safety helmet that permits you to pay attention to your jams while out on the track or routes, this is a wonderful alternative for you.

Fox Racing V1 Plaic Helmet


Fox Competing — We are pleased to present to you a list of best dirty bike helmets under $200 as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover! is just one of one of the most popular dirt bike gear companies out there, as well as permanently factor. Their products have wonderful top quality with wonderful functions.

Normally, Fox safety helmets are a little pricy, but the Fox Competing V1 Concept Safety helmet stands independently wonderful by itself while staying at a more sensible rate.


The Fox Racing V1 Concept Headgear is valued around $135-$ 180 relying on where you find it, so it’s constantly excellent to check out a couple of places before you make the final decision. Whatever the price, this safety helmet features some impressive features that provide you more than what you invested.

Safety and security:

First of all, this headgear from Fox FRacing is both ECE and DOT certified, making it a great, safety helmet from the start. But allow’s delve a little deeper into what makes this headgear one of one of the most safety available.

Mentioning the helmet all at once, the building is of the finest quality in this rate variety. This particular safety helmet has actually a covering created out of shot built polycarbonate as well as ABS, which are a few of the lightest and greatest materials for motorcycle safety helmets.

The headgear likewise can be found in 4 different covering and EPS sizes for a precise fit. This range in sizes is incredibly awesome in finding the appropriate size for your head particularly; consequently, it supplies you the best protection when it fits right.


Besides the various dimensions for the covering and also EPS that help in assisting you locate one of the most comfortable and secure dimension for you, this headgear includes some sweet comfort functions.

The air flow system consists of nine intake vents and 4 exhaust vents for maximum air conditioning. This is particularly important in maintaining your head cool while out riding in the warmth.

The headgear additionally includes detachable and also washable cellular lining as well as cushioning; as a result, you can extensively wash these comfort linings to decrease the smelliness within your helmet.

Various other Attributes:

One more great attribute that this headgear supplies is the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS). The main principle behind this is that in case of an impact, the visor will snap off when struck.

The visor coming off lowers the stress and also impact on your head due to the reduced resistance. However do not fret about the visor breaking. In case it does come off, you can quickly snap it back on.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult 2SERIES Helmet


The O’Neal company — We are pleased to present to you a list of best dirty bike helmets under $200 as well as an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover! has actually been around for more than 50 years, developing fantastic high quality helmets. The O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet is a wonderful enhancement to this checklist for its total high quality at a fantastic cost.


The O’Neal 5 Collection Wingman Helmet comes at a rate between $100-$ 160. This is a very practical price, considering this safety helmet’s functions. I’ve seen discounts applied to this helmet, nevertheless, so absolutely watch out for those.


This safety helmet satisfies DOT, ECE, and also AS/NZS standards, which is an effective trio of protective standards that this safety helmet has actually been sifted via. The general construction provides great security functions for motorcyclists who use this safety helmet.

The headgear’s shell is created of polycarbonate and also ABS, which are both remarkably solid as well as light-weight products.

The lining as well as padding on this headgear also offer wonderful protection in taking in influence, maintaining your head in position, and also maintaining you cool.


Besides assisting take in influence energy, the Coolmax ® liner is plush, maintaining your head comfy by wicking away sweat as well as keeping you dry and trendy.

The liners are likewise removable as well as washable, which helps in maintaining the helmet smelling great even after hard, sweaty rides.

Multiple air vents throughout this safety helmet aid to extract the heat from your head and lug it with the exhaust vents. Completely, this helmet help in maintaining you awesome and dry throughout your flight.

Other Functions:

The O’Neal 5 Collection Wingman Headgear likewise consists of a flexible visor for whatever your demands; whether the sun is high in the sky or the wind is blowing hard.

Another great function for this safety helmet is the clear coating on the shell and graphics. This aids in boosting the durability of the helmet, keeping it fine-looking even after a lot of hard rides.

Westt Cross X – Motocross Helmet for Men and Women with Dual Visor,EVS T7 GT Safety Helmet


Westt Cross X – Motocross Helmet for Men and Women with Dual Visor, ATV MTB Snowmobile Dirt Bike, DOT Approved
Westt Cross X is a fantastic dirt bike headgear business with lots of top quality safety helmets at reasonable costs. The Westt Cross X is an example of one of their excellent safety helmets at a lower rate.


The EVS T7 GT Helmet can be located at rates in between $160-$ 175. You can find it right here on Amazon.com for easy gain access to; although, I’ve seen this headgear on closeout at a few locations, so watch out for this headgear on sale.


This helmet is Snell and DOT certified, which are both remarkable accreditations that reveal the headgear’s top quality as well as readily available protection.

The major defense this safety helmet uses depend on the safety helmet’s material. The helmet’s covering is made of a polycarbonate material that is among the lightest; as well as best products that specialist helmets are constructed from.


This helmet additionally provides fantastic comfort via its cellular lining. The EVS T7 GT Helmet has removable as well as washable lining.

So, after a hard, sweaty flight, you can remove the lining, placed it in for a quick wash; as well as let it air completely dry over night so it’s fresh and also ready for your ride the next day. Similar to any safety helmet cellular lining, definitely make certain the lining is dried all the way, however; so it doesn’t scent like mold.

Various other Functions:

Another great attribute on this headgear is the air flow system. EVS has utilized RAM air cooling system on this helmet to offer you a lot of airflow while you’re out riding.

When the air has actually gone into through the 4 intake vents, it takes a trip with the EPS channels of the helmet, cooling you off, prior to going out via the six exhaust vents. It’s entirely an effective system to help maintain your head cool; as well as completely dry while you’re out on the track or trails.

HJC i50 Helmet


HJC has a fantastic online reputation for generating high-quality dirt bike headgears. The HJC i50 Headgear is one more awesome safety helmet originating from this company in vogue; as well as high quality for a reasonable price.


You can discover this helmet at a rate between $135-$ 170 depending upon where you purchase this safety helmet and also what graphics you select. Whatever your choice, look around as well as find a great helmet for under $200.


To begin with, the HJC i50 Safety helmet satisfies DOT criteria. The greatest safety components choosing this headgear include the covering’s products and also the safety modern technologies set in area.

The Headgear’s shell is constructed from a sophisticated polycarbonate composite material that’s very lightweight and also solid. Besides the product, there’s a lot more taking place in the interior of the safety helmet.

This helmet is furnished with EPS cellular lining, which helps absorb a lot of the impact power that comes during a crash. This is an incredible safety function, however that’s not all.

The HJC i50 Helmet likewise sports Moving Layer Effect Circulation (SLID). This system aids soften influence while redistributing multidirectional forces; so they don’t have as serious of an effect on your head.


Some wonderful comfort functions inside this headgear include the SuperCool ® cellular lining; and the Advanced Channeling Air Flow System (ACS).

The helmet’s aids in wicking away added sweat and also keeping you cool while you’re out riding in the heat. This is a wonderful function, particularly when come with by the air flow system.

The Advanced Channeling Air flow System allows air to find in the helmet with the consumption vents, travel via the headgear’s EPS networks; collect warmth in the process, and then leave with the exhaust vents. Completely, this method produces a great system for keeping your head cooled off while riding.

Other Features:

Some other great features on this helmet include the maximum range adjustable visor; and also the huge eye port for your goggles. The Nylon Band Dual D-ring Retention System is likewise existing. These features enable you to personalize the headgear for your demands; making the experience all the more comfy as well as risk-free.

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