Graco Magnum X5 Sprayer

Graco Magnum X5 Sprayer Reviewed

Graco Magnum X5 Sprayer: Assessed, Rated & Sprayer Comparisons by rufuscorporation

When you require a paint job finished, you desire a high quality job done quick. That’s where buying a top-notch airless paint sprayer comes in.

The Graco Magnum x5 has many completely satisfied customers and also its shown the ability to complete tough jobs quickly. Go through all our thoughts in this Graco Magnum x5 Testimonial.

Regarding The Graco Brand

Graco has actually been a leader in paint sprayers and is a favored among painting professionals, property owners, do-it-yourselfers and also handymen. Each Graco sprayer supplies unrivaled high quality and also allows the optimum quantity of performance.

Graco’s most popular line of product consists of the airless sprayers. Keeping that group, there are several versions as well as sizes to choose from; something to fit all needs.

They use gas mechanical airless sprayers, battery-powered airless sprayers, light-duty electric airless sprayers, professional-grade electrical airless sprayers and even more.

Graco also has a number of other brand names which are worth keeping in mind that include Advanjet, Magnum, Airlessco, QED Environmental Equipments and also Sharpe.

Quality Attributes Of This Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X5 has several functions that make this the sprayer to own. Below are a few reasons you require to consider this version for your next acquisition.


The Magnum X5 comes with a reliable stand that ensures this device stays in place during procedure. Additionally, there is a deal with for the most convenient transportation. In contrast to countless other models, the small structure size of this device also uses simple storage space because it doesn’t take up much space.


Considering this model is geared to the property owner or light-duty professional, the producer intended to make sure that it really did not take much job to begin. With a couple of simple actions, the newbie customer can be paint in no time.

Just take a few minutes to practice splashing on some scrap timber or cardboard up until you master the feeling.

Piston Pump

To acquire a high quality paint sprayer, you require to know that the components are going to take on the work. The long lasting, stainless-steel piston pump of the Graco X5 allows spraying of unthinned materials at high pressure.

Additionally, it is mosting likely to stand up to years of use without breaking. The durability of the pump additionally allows you to utilize the device more frequently than a regular budget plan model.

Suction Tube

Part of the hassle of making use of a paint sprayer is the requirement to fill the containers. With this Graco version, that is no longer a problem. The versatile suction tube enables you to pump products directly from your 1 or 5-gallon paint buckets. That additionally indicates a less complicated clean-up.

RAC Spray Idea

Similar to many of the Graco paint sprayers, you obtained the SG2 gun which includes a relatively easy to fix pointer. The 515 RAC Spray Idea is excellent when working with tool density products and permits a pattern size in between 10 to 12 inches.

The best part about the reversible tip is that if you end up with a clog, you can simply turn the tip around as well as blow it right out. There is additionally a filter in this manage to lower the opportunity of clogging.

Pressure Control

Whatever degree of paint splashing you are accustomed to, this Graco version uses easy to readjust pressure control. The knob lies alongside the consumption tube for simple gain access to. With a max outcome of 3000 PSI, you can pick “reduced spray”, “hi spray” or anything in between.

Even as a novice, you’ll locate that the controls are very easy to obtain used to with a little technique.

Tidy up

The Power Flush adapter is what establishes the Graco Magnum X5 aside from the rest. You simply affix it to the yard tube and purge the system. Utilizing a soapy liquid is perfect for cleansing the pump, hose pipe as well as weapon.

Utilizing this sprayer not only suggests getting the paint done promptly, however additionally the tidy up afterward. It’s an advantage because the last point you intend to do is invest added time cleansing when the task is done.


The great aspect of purchasing this Graco design is that there are numerous convenient accessories that can be added later on. Consider, for instance, the 50-foot Airless hose. This is an excellent choice to acquire later if you discover yourself requiring even more length to reach tasks.

There is also a pointer extension for reaching areas like recessed ceilings, stairwells or locations that call for using a ladder. You can also utilize the Pump Shield when you are preparing to secure the system for storage space.

What Regarding The Negative Facets

None of the paint sprayers on the market are perfect. While the Graco Magnum X5 seems to find pretty close, there are some unfavorable aspects that are very important to keep in mind.

Considering this model features a small cost tag, there are some issues to think about in top quality.

The first thing we observed was that there are times that the sprayer will obstruct when using thicker materials.

Thankfully, the RAC idea makes it straightforward to unblock and also return to function.

At just 13 extra pounds, the unit does experience some slight resonances when working at higher PSI. While it moves a little, the stand is plenty durable and also offers significant support.

Overspray has actually been commented about by clients and also can occasionally create problems. This prevails with many sprayers, so it is an unusual worry. To avoid this, put in the time to run a couple of trial runs. In addition, you need to likewise avoid splashing on gusty days when doing exterior job.

When you are repainting inside, take the time to mask whatever properly as well as the overspray will not be a concern.

The last drawback is that the Graco Magnum X5 is just tailored to smaller sized or medium-sized projects. At an advised yearly usage of 125 gallons, this isn’t particularly designed to be utilized everyday. For something geared toward an expert or contractor usage, you could want to take into consideration a sprayer in the Professional line rather. Two models to consider would certainly be the ProX17 or ProX19.

What Is This Graco Design Made For Splashing

The Graco Magnum X5 is excellent for countless tasks. Right here are a few of the most prominent reasons customers choose this sprayer.

Inside Walls

With the optimum pipe length of 75 feet, this airless sprayer uses excellent top quality for a budget friendly cost.

It can apply light discolorations to heavy latex paints easily. Furthermore, the lightweight enables a quick application when dealing with interior walls.

Ideally, you’ll intend to use this sprayer prior to moving furniture in or when every little thing is effectively covered as this Graco design can offer a little overspray.


For a lot of the very same factors that paint interior wall surfaces is a great concept, you’ll discover positive aspects to utilizing this model for your ceilings.

Using that tip extension I informed you around previously will certainly make the task even less complicated for you.

Once again, for the very best chance of success, you will certainly either want to paint with nothing else present in the area or make sure you make the effort to cover all the furnishings.

Exterior Walls

Outside work is where an airless sprayer excels. It takes much less time to use a high-performance sprayer than effort to brush or roll on paint.

The Graco Magnum X5 can pump materials at 0.27-gallons per min, so you will be done with the outside of your home in no time at all.

Furthermore, the reality that you can draw the paint straight from the can also minimizes painting time.


Because the Graco Magnum X5 is light-weight and also portable, it is a fantastic alternative for completing the fence promptly. On top of that, the Graco pumps discolorations or the majority of acrylic paints with ease. If you are using latex paints, you’ll wish to make certain that you effectively thin the materials prior to painting.


With the optimum pipe dimension of 75-feet and also the capacity to spray a range of products, the Graco Magnum X5 is suitable for those troublesome deck jobs. When you are ready to tarnish the deck, utilize this device to do the job promptly. You no longer have to spend the moment rolling or cleaning the stain on, just get this helpful sprayer as well as do the job.


Making Use Of the Magnum X5 to paint a door makes this tiresome job much less complex. Whether you are repainting the outside of a door or interior, you’ll find that the simple setup, quick spray and also pain-free cleaning make this tiny work go swiftly.

If you aren’t able to get rid of the door for paint, ensure that every little thing around it obtains properly masked off before splashing.

What Should not It Be Utilized For

While it could feel like a great concept to walk around spray paint every task you have, there are some jobs you may not intend to utilize this for.


A modern HVLP paint sprayer is a much better option when looking to apply paint to a vehicle. That schedules partly to the reduced instances of overspray. There will certainly be less prep work needed and less mess at the end.

HVLP paint sprayers are available with several weapon alternatives to assist you tailor the paint task flawlessly.

For even more information, choose a version that supplies information work with top of a basic gun. Being able to alter out the paint tip dimension will certainly also be an important part of picking a top quality sprayer.

For even more concepts on which spray gun to select for this work, read our blog post concerning the Best Paint Sprayer for Autos.

Furnishings & Cabinets

Airless sprayers are usually geared towards outside projects or larger surface areas. That is due partly for overspray that is experienced throughout operation.

An HVLP paint sprayer is going to be the very best choice when managing furniture or cupboards. That’s because they will take care of the detail job that is needed effortlessly. HVLP sprayers are additionally quieter that makes them suitable for interior usage.

Utilize an HVLP paint sprayer to accomplish an also complete without making use of brushes or rollers. We have a blog post on HVLP Paint Sprayer Reviews if you require assistance selecting the ideal model.

Graco Magnum X5 Compared With These Sprayers

Occasionally the Graco Magnum X5 isn’t the best alternative for you. Allow’s have a look at a few other versions to see exactly how they compare.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Graco Magnum X7

The similarities in between these 2 machines are various. First, they both spray at 3000 PSI and also they have an advised yearly use of 125 gallons. They both additionally include the metal spray gun as well as can not spray warm solvents.

There are a few areas where the X7 outranks the X5. Among these is with the horsepower as the X7 features 5/8 horsepower versus the 1/2 horse power electric motor of the X5.

In addition, you can utilize an optimum tip dimension of 0.017 and also an optimum pipe length of 100-feet which are both upgrades.

Due to the extra power, you can expect the X7 to spray at 0.31-gallons per min which is slightly more than the X5. You will, however, include about 10 extra pounds in weight and pay regarding $70 even more in price.

If it is necessary to you to have a much longer hose pipe or to spray a little fast, then the upgrade would certainly be worth the additional expense.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Graco Project Painter Plus

If you feel the Magnum X5 might be also specialist for your sporadic usage, you might wish to check out a reduced design, the Graco Project Painter Plus.

It just has a recommended yearly use of 50 gallons, so it is quite a step-down. This would certainly be geared toward somebody that has a few jobs a year that they want to achieve.

You are additionally stepping down with a 3/8 horse power motor and also 2800 PSI. You likewise will not have the ability to utilize greater than a 50-foot pipe to finish your projects.

The Project Painter Plus will certainly still create 0.24-gallons per min of materials, so the job will certainly still obtain done rapidly.

Additionally, it is a light-weight model at just 10 pounds, so it is portable as well as convenient to take anywhere. You would certainly be taking a look at regarding an $80 cost savings to opt for this model over the X5.

If you feel that you may utilize your paint sprayer more often than a couple of times a year, this version might not be the most effective fit. At that point, I ‘d need to recommend spending the added on the X5 instead.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro

For a little even more cash than the Magnum X5; you can upgrade to this professional model and achieve some huge upgrades.

The ControlMax 1700 Pro offers 0.60-horsepower and also pumps at 0.33-gallons per min. While just operating at 1500 PSI, you can make use of an optimum idea dimension of 0.017 and a tube of 100 feet.

Furthermore, it has a recommended annual use of 300 gallons. So it could be used on a regular basis without any problem.

There are a number of downsides to this upgrade. First, the evaluations on the ControlMax aren’t nearly as solid similar to the Graco. The second concern is that the system itself is much bigger. In fact, you can not quickly save the ControlMax. In addition to that, it weighs practically 40 pounds.

Yes, the unit comes with wheels to make it less complicated to relocate; but it just isn’t rather as portable as the Graco Magnum X5. If you require a sprayer to repaint on an expert level. I would certainly be a lot more suitable to suggest the Graco Magnum ProX17.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Titan XT250

When considering comparable models, you’ll observe that these two sprayers remain in the same price variety; but they vary extensively in client reviews.

While the Graco continues to be a successful thing with high marks from individuals, the Titan model doesn’t have much of a credibility.

With that being stated, the Titan does use a rugged stand mount and carrying deal with like the Graco. It can pump at 2500 PSI with the 1/2- horse power electric motor as well as can produce 0.25-gallons per minute.

It likewise includes a relatively easy to fix 0.015 spray tip as well as will work with most tool density products such as acrylic, stains, varnishes or latex.

You are going to pay a few dollars extra to purchase the Titan, so in my point of view, it’s a piece of cake to choose the Graco rather. You are backed by the online reputation of the brand, the testimonials of thousands of customers as well as the expertise of recognizing that Graco items are made to last.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs HomeRight Power Flo-Pro

The HomeRight model is most likely one of the most comparable to the Magnum X5 that I can discover. The rate is somewhat reduced, yet so are the customer testimonials.

Besides that, they are two very comparable equipments. The HomeRight supplies a 1/2- horse power electric motor that produces 2800 PSI.

Furthermore, it features a stand comparable with weight as well as security as the Graco. You can spray 0.24-gallons per min with the HomeRight. It also features a 515 relatively easy to fix pointer for eliminating clogs rapidly.

While you will certainly be paying less for this equipment; as well as you’ll get a number of the exact same qualities. You won’t have accessibility to the very same number of devices that the Graco brand offers. In addition, you won’t have accessibility to the exact same client assistance and service that a customer is made use of to obtaining from a bigger business such as Graco.

You likewise will not have accessibility to the benefit of the Power Flush Adaptor for simple clean-up or ability to spray from the paint can straight.

Where Can You Get This Sprayer At Its Finest Cost?

If you are ready to purchase the Graco Magnum X5, the following rational question to ask is, “Where can I locate this the most inexpensive?” I’ve done research over an amount of time and also discovered that of the very best locations to acquire this system is with It commonly runs ideal around $300, although there have been occasional offers during particular times.

Sometimes it can be discovered in the house Depot for the around the very same price. The distinction will certainly be the availability of customer care when dealing with Amazon as they are a much bigger company.

You could likewise select to purchase the Graco Magnum X5 with Graco themselves; but you are mosting likely to pay regarding $20 even more. I also am not sure how much time it takes them to deliver the products. So you could be waiting somewhat much longer.

In my point of view, it is simplest to buy from Amazon. They supply exceptional customer support as well as with your Prime subscription, you’ll have the paint sprayer within 2 days. Having the Graco supplied to your home for the most affordable rate feels like the most effective alternative to me.

Final thought

If you are considering having actually some work done to the residence as well as you have actually researched employing an expert; then you currently know how much it can cost. Rather than investing your money for a single work, invest in the Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer as well as take on those tasks on your own.

You’ll find that the Graco is a very easy to make use of paint sprayer. That will save you both money and time. And also, you’ll have the device offered for the following task you choose requirements to be done; as well as after you have actually used this, there will certainly be several!

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