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Selfies with cameras and phones are sure everyone can do it, but not everyone knows how to take a selfie with a drone. This article is an overview o The Top Selfie Drone , to help you understand it better

Is a Gimble Necessary for Selfie Drones?

Gimbles are often essential when it comes to filming or taking photos on a drone. It stabilizes the camera so that your videos don’t look shaky or jerky and your photos aren’t blurry because of an unstable camera. Most selfie drones have 3-axis gimbles, but if they don’t, you may have a hard time getting smooth footage.

Are things like altitude hold and position hold important for your selfie drone?

Altitude hold will “hold” your drone at the same distance from the ground when you let off the controls. Position hold will not only keep the same altitude but will keep the drone from drifting from front to back or side to side.

While you certainly don’t need these extra features to get a good selfie, it sure does make things a lot easier. If you plan on taking a lot of selfies look for drones with these features.

Selfie Drone Tips

Learn how to fully control your drone. Sweeping it in and out in figure eights lets you get used to how it flies, and once you can do this smoothly and steadily, you should be ready to take selfies or videos.

Test out your angles. You’ll most likely not get a perfect shot every time, especially if you’re new to drones, so it’s best to keep shooting and take lots of photos at different angles. Odds are you’ll find a picture worth keeping and sharing.

Try establishing a point of view early on during your videos. Giving your viewers a different perspective and then grounding the drone can give your videos a cinematic feel.

Don’t take selfies or videos in bad weather. Even if your drone claims that it’s highly durable and can withstand wind, it’s best to practice to not try and get selfies in high wind or your drone may end up crashing or up in a tree.

Tips for choosing the best selfie drones

Drones are an advanced innovation for taking perfect pictures and interesting videos. With this, travel enthusiasts and fashion influencers are able to take selfies without using a stick or setting up a complex photography gear. This has come at a time when social media has become a thing as everyone tries to up his/her game in such of more followers or improving their portfolio.

Besides the multiple features that drones have to offer for quality images, some models come with autonomous settings. This will allow you to use the camera hands free as you focus on the posing thrill. The obsession with selfies across the globe has attracted a number of manufacturers who have introduced pocket selfie drones in the market awaiting your selection.

For this reason, it is important that you identify the factors to look out for and know what makes a great selfie drone. We know that picture quality is the main attraction on social media and the demand for unique equipment that will satisfy this need is in the rise. The size, camera, and flight time of the selfie drone should be the top features to consider when shopping.

Finding a drone that meets your selfie needs can be a bit challenging, but you are bound to succeed with our help. In this article, we will review some of the tips for choosing the best selfie drones. Afterwards, we will go through some of the frequently asked questions about selfie drones. Stay with us!

Common Features on the Best Selfie Drones

Although the price range of the drone should not limit you to specific drones, it says a lot about the model. This is because, like most other products in the market, the more you invest in your drone, the more quality features you will enjoy. This does not necessarily mean that the expensive drones are best suited for professionals because beginners can also use them. In fact, some sophisticated functions are integrated in the high-end selfie drones to make it easier for beginners to operate them!

Usually, a pricy drone will have a longer flight time and flight range. It will also give more quality images and featured bells and whistles. Nonetheless, you need to analyze the specifications of each drone to make a sound decision. Some of the features to consider include:

Battery life

Taking selfies may force you to go into the woods or somewhere you cannot easily access charge. It is essential that you consider the battery life of the drone to know whether you need an extra battery or two. The best drones last about 30 minutes before their batteries run out of charge. The amount of time you presume to take during your selfie sessions will influence the number of spare batteries you bring along. You don’t want to cut short your selfie moment just when it’s heating up!

Equip yourself with the best drone battery charger to always have spare batteries and recharge faster. On the same point, be sure to include the cost of the extra batteries as an additional cost on your expenditure.

Flight time

The battery life of the drone and flight time go hand in hand. When shopping for a good selfie drone, you should avoid any model that can last for only 15 minutes or less. As mentioned above, the greatest drone brands can go for up to 30 minutes without needing a recharge


The performance of the drone will be based upon the type of motor featured. You will come across drones with brushless and others with brush motors. The brushless motor types are the best since they do not consume much energy. This gives the drones a longer flight time. In addition, the brushless motors are built for longevity and a quieter, smooth operation. However, these advantages come at a higher cost than the brush motors.


If you are looking for the top quad with a camera, the availability of a quality camera is of paramount importance. Some drones come with an integrated camera while others require you to get and attach one. With every option, you should look out for the cam specs such as resolution and lens.

The best cameras are those that will allow you to take high-res selfies. We all know that when it comes to posting on social media, the quality of your footage is priority. The current digital cameras feature a sharp focus alongside an optical zoom.

We would recommend that you choose drones that have a built-in camera to save your shopping time. You should go for digital drones with cameras that can shoot 4K photos and have Image Stabilization.

Headless mode

When buying a drone, you should consider your level of experience for ease of use. You don’t want a drone with setting that are difficult to operate. Intrinsically, drones with a headless mode are the best option for the beginners. This function allows you to push the controller stick and the drone will move in the direction that you are instead of relative to the stick of the drone.

Integrated GPS

Most drone models feature an integrated GPS function that enhance their navigation ability as well as stability. You want a drone that can take selfies efficiently while at the same time return-to-home without getting lost

When your drone is flown away by the wind or crashes into something, you want to be able to recover it with ease. One way of doing this is tracking it using the integrated GPS to locate its precise location with respect to the longitude and latitude readings

If the drone does not come with a GPS-tracker, there are various types that you could have installed to help in navigating it more successfully.

Obstacle Avoidance

When drones are in the air, they are exposed to crashes against trees, tall buildings, helicopters, and other obstacles. You want to get a drone that will be able to avoid these barriers without even a slight damage. You should however know that drones with obstacle avoidance come at a higher price than those without. To know whether the function works in the drones of your choice, we suggest that you go through the customer reviews. The best drones are those that can easily avoid bumping into obstacles without your control.

Follow-me mode

This might just be the most sophisticated feature that the advanced drone models could have. The follow-me mode allows the drone to follow you wherever you go while taking pictures or videos. This way, you will only focus on your performance and not in operating the drone. This function is particularly beneficial to the bikers or kite surfers whose performance is determined by their concentration. Some drones are better performers at this mode while others simply lag and require upgrading. As a result, it is important that you consider the reviews of the users to know how the performance of the follow-me mode is for the drone when in use.


Before buying any pocket selfie drone, you should consider its flight range (how far away from you it can fly). According to our research, the more expensive the selfie drone is, the longer its flight range. Although you want a drone that you can control at a further point, drone experts recommend that you fly it up to where it is still visible to you.


Most advanced selfie drone models are designed with a gimbal ability. This function will allow you take perfect pictures and videos even when the weather is windy. The camera remains steady even if the drone is flown under elevated altitudes.
You should not expect the toy drones to come with such a feature because they are built for indoor or low altitude flying.


You want a drone that you can tag along as you go out because selfies are never planned. Although most selfie drones are foldable, it is essential that you consider their size when folded and unfolded. The most amazing selfie drone is one that fits in your backpack or pulse for portability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selfie Drones

Do selfie drones come with complicated functions that limit usability?

No. Selfie drones are one of the simplest drone type for all user levels

Although the greatest models should come with all the above discussed features, they are not complicated; they are simply advanced. If you are a beginner looking to operate a drone, you should probably go with a selfie drone before opting for the other types.

Should my selfie drone come with a 3-axis gimbal stabilization function?

The 3-axis gimbal stabilization function is not a must-have for selfie drones because the 2-axis types also work great. Gimbal function is however highly recommended for aerial pictures and videos because it helps stabilizing the camera for quality footage.

Why should I get a selfie drone with a GPS tracker?

Before we proceed on answering this question, it should be noted that buying a selfie drone with a GPS is not a “must”. It is however highly advised. You want a drone that will take the perfect selfies for your social media posts or portfolio. You also want to be able to track the drone in case it is blown away by wind or crashes into something and gets lost.

How can I download the videos and pictures I take with my drone?

For the less sophisticated selfie drones, you will get a micro SD card slot where you can insert the storage card to be able to save your content. For the more advanced selfie drones, you will enjoy their ability to save the content directly on your smartphone. If this is not enough, why don’t you go for the selfie drones that are app controlled?

Will I find selfie drones with facial recognition?

The computer/electronic world is undergoing tremendous positive changes especially when it comes to features. Facial Recognition Software has become a popular thing with cameras and selfie drones are not left behind. However, if you want to enjoy this feature, you should be willing to pay a higher price.

Will I get selfie drones that are waterproof?

Well, this is a consideration that drone manufacturers should consider as they innovatively upgrade their models every other day. This tells you that you will not find a waterproof drone anywhere across the globe.
However, if you are looking to take those wet selfies, you can opt for a waterproof controller. Only limited manufacturers have featured this function though.

Can I fly my drone in a public place?

We all do not want to go about breaking the law as there are consequences for that. When it comes to drones, you are advised to fly them away from crowded places. You should fly your selfie drone 20-30 meters away from the public. Therefore, most drone users go to parks early or late in the evening.

Are all selfie drones autonomous?

If you are looking to get yourself an autonomous selfie drone, then you should be ready to pay for it. This is because the expensive selfie drones are the models that come with automated functions. This will also make your selfie moments more thrilling and productive.

How will I know when whatever I want on the selfie is fully included on the frame?

Most selfie drones come with a first-person view (FPV) which allows you to see what the camera views. This way, you can align the image so that your selfie can come out right.

You need to avoid the selfie drones with LOS limited selfie drones. This is because they don’t give you a chance of knowing when you are in the frame or making any adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Selfies have sparked in popularity which led on to selfie sticks, but for those who want an upgrade, selfie drones are now on the market. The top selfie drone mentioned above has different features and price ranges depending on how professional you want your photos and videos to look.

The Top Selfie Drone in terms of price and function would probably have to be the DJI Spark considering its HD video and photo resolution, stabilization, easy controls, and several different shooting modes. It can be used by amateurs and professionals alike for taking selfies or filming yourself in breathtaking landscapes during your travels.

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