Graco Magnum X7 Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7 Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum x7 Paint Sprayer: Assessed, Rated & Contrast Guide

Both handymen and also homeowners recognize that it is very easy to conserve money and time when making use of the Graco Magnum X7. It has confirmed itself to be an asset to interior job, fencings, decks as well as more.

We will show you what Graco X7 has to offer and also see exactly how the competitors are.

Graco Brand name

The Graco Brand name has actually been a leader in the paint spraying sector since 1926.

Ever since, they’ve been providing items for the Automotive, Woodworking, Building and construction and also Aeronautic industry. Some of the several products they use include painting services, fluid transfer products along with gluing as well as hygienic applications.

When it concerns paint sprayers, Graco is best recognized for their substantial line of airless sprayers. They are made use of by homeowners, DIYers, handymen, residential property supervisors as well as professional specialists.

Very few brands featured as several favorable reviews as Graco does.

Quality Attributes Of This Sprayer

There are several features to the Graco Magnum Pro X7 that are worth discussing, but below are the most effective.


The Graco Pro X7 is readily available with two strong frame designs. Either the cart or hi-boy cart style uses a high quality style and sturdy craftsmanship. The hi-boy style is no longer readily available via Graco, however the cart provides two wheels and also take care of for simple maneuverability.

At just 23 extra pounds, this Graco is the ideal dimension for requiring to numerous work.


The configuration of the Graco X7 isn’t a lot various than the Magnum X5 design. It is straightforward to do and also just requires a couple of actions. Actually, it is simple sufficient that a novice would certainly be able to comply with the Graco X7 airless paint sprayer guidebook for instructions.

Piston Pump

This sprayer is constructed from top quality Graco Magnum X7 parts including the stainless steel piston pump. This piston product permits the sprayer to function also harder while generating reputable outcomes. It is going to be much more resilient than comparable units and also will have a much longer life-span.

You can conserve cash by acquiring a brand name that does not offer the very same high-grade components, yet you might end up spending for it later when the pump breaks.

Suction Tube

Instead of filling paint containers and then refilling them again during a job, the Graco Magnum X7 Airless paint sprayer provides an adaptable suction tube. This enables you to utilize both a 1 or 5-gallon paint container with the sprayer.

If you are using a larger bucket, merely position it on the pail hook located above the suction tube. After that, it can be carted around the project site with you.

RAC Spray Tip

This Graco Paint Sprayer X7 features the 515 RAC IV Spray Idea. This is a reversible idea that will certainly aid you keep moving throughout the unfavorable blockage. Just reverse the pointer and the backed up product will certainly be cleared out swiftly. The Graco X7 will certainly enable you to consume to a 0.017 spray suggestion, so you can update later in the future.

Pressure Control

The Graco X7 paint sprayer provides a 5/8-horsepower motor which can supply up to 3000 PSI. It includes a 50-foot pipe and also adjustable handle to maintain that stress in control. To get the most effective finish, you need to be able to readjust the sprayer accordingly and that’s what the Graco Magnum X7 allows.

You can adjust the stress to go more powerful if needed, like when you require to push paint via a 100-foot pipe.


Similar to with configuration, the Graco Magnum X7 manual gives clear directions on how to clean up the equipment after paint. Luckily, it is just as straightforward as the configuration process as well as takes far much less time than with utilizing brushes and rollers. The process is so straightforward that even a newbie would have the ability to figure it out.


One of the reasons I have actually pertained to trust the Magnum brand name is due to the fact that there is such a large option of devices that can be added. As I told you previously, you can upgrade to the RAC IV 517 spray tip for a selection of tasks.

Some other Graco Magnum X7 airless paint sprayer parts consist of the longer 50-foot hose pipe and the tip expansion for reaching those high locations which are difficult to repaint.

What Concerning The Adverse Elements?

It is clear that I directly suggest the Graco X7 Pro, but there are some drawbacks that ought to be addressed. While it can splashing most products with ease, there are times that thicker substances could block it. You can avoid this by properly thinning your materials according to the instructions. Furthermore, the reversible suggestion will certainly help when you do experience a clog.

Just like many airless paint sprayers, this model can create some overspray. This may be challenging for some newbies to handle. To stay clear of expensive blunders, see to it everything in the location is appropriately taped as well as concealed off.

You’ll also notice that this machine isn’t geared for expert service providers. It excels at basic home jobs as well as makes for a good device for the DIYer. Some home owners could believe that the rate is a little extravagant for an airless sprayer, but I really feel that it’s been worth every dime.

Finally, I might be a little fussy, however I wish the hose that included the unit were longer. For the amount of money being invested and also the fact that it can handle a 100-foot hose, I would certainly have like to have actually seen a 50-foot tube come basic with the device. Luckily, the larger tubes are offered for acquisition so it can always be updated in the future.

What Is This Graco Model Made For Splashing?

The Graco Magnum x7 Paint Sprayer is a fantastic maker for a wide variety of tasks. Here are the tasks you will certainly discover it stand out at.

Interior Walls

When dealing with new building, it is a lot easier to repaint the indoor walls with a high quality airless sprayers.

You might also paint walls in your house, however, you’ll need to ensure that everything is either gotten rid of or you effectively protect your furniture.

The overspray on an airless sprayer can be hard to manage at times.


Ceilings are a job that most homeowners fear to paint.

Utilizing a roller and expansion can make this task downright tiring.

Making use of a first-class sprayer like the Graco Magnum X7, you will be able to accomplish this task with ease.

Consider investing in the extension pointer to make the job go smoother.


Using paint or spots to your fencings has actually never been simpler than when you utilize the Graco X7.

In between the ability to spray a wide variety of products and also the lengthy tube, you will have this done in a portion of the moment as before. Ditch those rollers and also paint brushes and do it the less complicated way.


Most of us know just how essential it is to care for our deck correctly. This includes making sure that it is stained as well as safeguarded from the elements.

This job can be accomplished with your Graco Magnum airless paint sprayer. There is no factor to jump on your hands and knees anymore or utilize those rollers, just spray it as well as be done.


Whether you need to repaint the front door, back entrance or garage doors, the Graco sprayer has you covered.

Complete this job in a breeze with the capacity to spray a wide range of products.

With the simple setup plus tidy up, even a newbie can give the door a fresh makeover.

What Shouldn’t It Be Used For?

While I believe that the Graco Magnum x7 Paint Sprayer should be made use of on many anything, there are a number of projects I would certainly have to suggest against.


Setting up to spray paint a cars and truck

Many car enthusiasts discover that an airless paint sprayer will not match their painting requires. A great deal of the reason pertains to the overspray that they produce.

In scenarios such as these, an HVLP paint sprayer would certainly be a better selection. It supplies the attention to detail that is needed to finish a car’s paint work exactly.

There are plenty of quality HVLP paint sprayers on the market to help you complete your work. If you require some suggestions on the best paint sprayer to purchase for your automobile job, have a look at our Best Automotive Paint Weapon Reviews.

Furniture & Cabinets

Lady painting furnishings outside with bosch sprayer

As we have actually discussed numerous times, airless paint sprayers often tend to use more overspray than an HVLP sprayer.

The airless sprayers are particularly designed to manage larger-scale tasks such as fencings, wall surfaces and also outsides. As a result of this, they aren’t made to manage the detail facets which come with the cabinets as well as furniture paint tasks.

A top quality HVLP paint sprayer that supplies a detail gun would certainly be a far much better option. This is especially true when taking care of furnishings that has elaborate information job to be done. If you are having trouble finding the best model, you could reference our Ideal Spray Painter for Furnishings listing or the very best Spray Painter for Cabinets evaluations.

Graco Magnum X7 Compared To These Sprayers

In Some Cases the Graco Magnum X7 isn’t mosting likely to satisfy your certain needs. Below are some other sprayers that can be thought about similar.

Graco Magnum X5 vs X7

When browsing the Graco line, you are mosting likely to see that the Graco Magnum X5 vs the X7 have small distinctions from one another.

The X5 and also the X7 are both geared to the residence individual and also have a recommended yearly use of 125 gallons. On top of that, they both come conventional with the 25-foot tube, yet the X5 can just sustain a 75-foot hose pipe.

In addition to that, the X5 only provides an optimum suggestion dimension of 0.015. You are also taking a tiny step down in the motor from the 5/8-horsepower to 1/2- horsepower.

The X7 can spray at 0.31-gallons per min while the X5 can just take care of 0.27-gallons per min.

They both provide 3000 PSI as well as have a tendency to be light-weight when compared to other designs. With all that in mind, the X5 is over $100 less expensive, so if these differences will not matter to you, it makes good sense to conserve the money.

Lots of homeowners that are searching for respectable Graco model will discuss between the Graco X5 vs X7 devices.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Pro X17

ou are taking a significant step up when you go from the Graco Magnum X7 vs ProX17. The horsepower goes from 5/8 to 3/4- horsepower.

They can both produce 3000 PSI and also deal with approximately a 0.017 idea size, however that has to do with all they have in common.

The Pro X17 can take care of a 150-feet tube for reaching far areas and also the 2nd tale. It also has an advisable annual use of 300 gallons which is greater than double the X7.

Both units weight regarding the same, however the Pro X17 does not include the cart with wheels for portability.

The ProX17 does feature the ProXChange which makes it easy to change out the pump in simply a minute. This means less downtime if something goes wrong. It is evident to see that with these additional features, the ProX17 is tailored a lot more for the professional individual than the ordinary homeowner.

For all the additional features, you would think the price would certainly raise considerably, yet that isn’t the situation. It will just set you back regarding $100 more.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro

For around $50 less, many people will certainly think about the Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro paint sprayer. It has a lot of the exact same attributes including a maximum spray tip size of 0.017, a similar quantity of horse power as well as a cart with wheels.

The Titan sprayer may just generate 1500 PSI yet it can apply approximately 0.33-gallons per min. It likewise comes standard with the 50-foot hose, which is 25-feet more than the Graco version.

Remember that it can just accommodate an 80-foot tube which is far smaller sized than the Graco.

The Titan design also wins in the annual recommended use which is 300 gallons. This is more than two times as much for much less cash.

Personally, I still would invest the extra for the Graco version. It provides the larger hose pipe, even more PSI and offers the cart for portability.

Graco Magnum X7 vs Graco Pro X19

If you are a professional specialist, then you need top of the line machinery. That’s where the Graco Pro X19 sprayer can be found in. This is the large pet of Graco sprayers and well worth the extra $200+; if you will certainly use the features.

It has a recommended yearly use of 500 gallons which is 4 times as high as the X7. Furthermore, it can sustain approximately 0.019 tip dimensions and 150-feet of hose pipe.

The Pro X19 also sprays 0.38-gallons per minute and also includes a 7/8-horsepower electric motor. The Pro X19 also supplies the ProXChange which allows you to promptly alter out the pump swiftly if there is a problem.

In my opinion, this model is a great value for the money. It functions well on larger-scale family painting jobs such as home siding, garage doors as well as walls. If you aren’t personally seeking a specialist paint sprayer, then there isn’t much factor to acquire this version.

If you are a house owner, DIYer or tiny residential or commercial property supervisor, the X7 is mosting likely to be a lot of maker for your requirements.

Where Can You Purchase This Sprayer At Its Finest Price?

If you are looking to acquire the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, the most effective cost is normally from at simply around $400. You can likewise choose to acquire it straight from Graco for regarding the exact same price, yet provides Prime Members 2-day shipping.

The only various other credible maker that often supplies the Graco X7 available is Residence Depot. Their costs are also generally about Amazon, yet I favor the assistance; that features Amazon should something go wrong with my package.

If you are interested in discovering the Graco Magnum X7 Hiboy available, you could have some trouble as it is presently terminated. Often, when an item is stopped, third-party sellers will certainly use it available for sale on Amazon, to ensure that is something to watch for if you are interested.


After reading through the detailed Graco X7 testimonial I really hope that you have actually located the info needed to make a decision on your next paint sprayer.

In between examining the features that the Graco X7 deals as well as comparing it to various other models, you are a lot more informed regarding what each system’s advantages and disadvantages are.

Whichever model you choose to make use of, you’ll be grateful you purchased a top quality paint sprayer. They finish the job much faster and also more efficiently than with rollers as well as brushes.

You can also learn more about cordless paint sprayer, which are more compact and convenient.

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