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Best Blendtec Blender Of 2023 Reviews

Best Blendtec Blender Or Food Processor Reviews — Top Picks & Overview

Blendtec has many choices of attributes and also shades that though searching for its blenders can be amazing, it can also be intimidating. We have actually examined its products and chosen five of our faves to compare for you. We will certainly consist of a few of the excellent as well as negative high qualities of each to provide you a more full check out them.

The 5 Best Blendtec Blenders– Testimonials

Blendtec Specialist 800 Mixer– Best Total

The Blendtec Expert 800 is a professional-grade blender or food processor that has 6 pre-programmed one-touch timed cycles for squashing ice, making soups as well as shakes, self-cleaning, and also far more.

It has a one-touch LCD user interface control pad with a countdown timer to maintain your non-pre-programmed blends consistent. The Expert 800 has 11 speeds that are regulated just by massaging your finger over the touch slider on the control pad.

This mixer comes with one BPA-free and also impact-resistant WildSide jar with an extra-broad base for included security. It has the space to stand up to 90 ounces of quantity, or 36 ounces when blending wet or completely dry ingredients. It is topped off with a vented gripper cover to secure all the components inside the jar.

There are Mini-WildSide jars that can be bought for mixing smaller sized quantities, but they don’t fit securely and also wobble while blending. There is also some concern with their lids standing out off. We recommend sticking to the larger jar that features the base. The only problem with the big jar is that it makes this device too big for some cupboards, so it might be challenging for some.

The absolute best feature of this mixer is the brand-new stealth innovation that has made it one of the quietest blenders on the market. This is significant! Previous Blendtec mixers were so loud that you ‘d have to use ear plugs to use one.

Blendtec Developer Series Blender

The Blendtec Designer Series Blender Or Food Processor with WildSide+ Jar has 8 speeds, so there is one that will certainly meet your requirements. It has a touch LED display with seven different blending choices, as well as a countdown timer so you recognize just how much time you have left in your mix. The real estate additionally has internal baffling to minimize the sound, yet it isn’t as reliable as the stealth technology of the Specialist 800.

This Designer Series Mixer has a trademarked stainless-steel created blade that is 80% thicker and ten times more powerful than many various other blender or food processor blades on the marketplace. The blades additionally have wings to aid you accomplish unbelievably smooth blends. The coolest thing about these blades is the truth that they are dull. No more cuts on your fingers or missing out on portions out of your spatula.

Like the Professional 800, this blender or food processor features the 90-ounce volume WildSide jar. It has the capacity to blend approximately 36 ounces of wet or dry ingredients that are kept inside by a vented gripper lid. This jar is very strong, yet the real estate doesn’t have any type of type of rubber under to hold it still, so the entire machine hem and haw on the counter top while blending. The lines on the jar additionally make getting all the food out hard.

Blendtec Total Classic FourSide Jar Blender Or Food Processor– Ideal Worth

The Blendtec Overall Standard Original Blender with FourSide Container has 6 pre-programmed cycles for those foods; that are very popular and also a ten-speed handbook control for those foods that aren’t. It has the very same copyrighted stainless-steel created blade with wings as the Designer Collection; however this one does not entirely cut up icy foods, or foods with skins, such as apples or grapes.

Although your food might be a little chunky, it is mixed in a BPA-free four-sided container; that can hold an overall volume of 75 ounces and also can mix approximately 32 ounces of your favored foods, whether they are wet or dry. The only downside to this container is that it is plastic as well as shakes wildly while blending. It would certainly be much sturdier if it were constructed out of even more substantial material.

There are a number of things that we aren’t specifically keen on. The very first is that it’s loud. You will not want to utilize this blender in the morning. If you’re anywhere near a bed room with a sleeping person. The service warranty on this product starts on the manufactured day, not on the purchase date. You’ll want to check for dates on the box and also obtain one; that hasn’t been sitting on the shelves for some time.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender- WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) and Blendtec GO,Travel Bottle (34 oz) BUNDLE – Professional-Grade Power – 6 Pre-programmed Cycles – 10-speeds as well as 10 manual speed settings for those earned less regularly. It has the very same thick stainless steel forged blade with wings as the previous two blender or food processors; yet it doesn’t have the power required to dissolve frozen or big chunks of food.

The Overall Standard Original also comes with the 90-ounce quantity BPA-free and also impact-resistant container. It has the capacity to blend as much as 36 ounces of wet or completely dry ingredients; however it is made out of plastic. Although the electric motor on this blender or food processor isn’t as powerful as a few of the others. It is loud as well as too effective for the plastic of the container. After about 200 usages, the plastic begins to use down and also begins to leak. The leakage compromises the material, and it starts to weaken and leave steel flecks in the food.

Blendtec Blender Or Food Processor Lover 825 Expert

The Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Professional Mixer has 30 pre-programmed one-touch blending cycles as well as a brand-new BPA-free, impact-resistant container with a vented gripper cover. This jar has five sides that are made to instantly pull the active ingredients toward the blade. It has a 90-ounce quantity and also a 36-ounce blending ability.

This blender or food processor is the most challenging of all the Blendtec mixers; as well as it shakes so terribly while mixing that the whole system dances on your kitchen counter. This is a good blender or food processor. But it’s not made from the same high quality materials as several of the others. It will not last as long. It’s approximated that this device only has a life time of three years or much less.

Purchaser’s Guide

Blendtec Collection Company:

Blendtec Classic:

The Traditional series of Blendtec blender or food processors includes all the Traditional versions, which range from 1475 watts to 1575 watts of power. They have soft push-button controls on the housing design of previous designs. Designs included are:

  • Blendtec Fit
  • The 580
  • The 575

Blendtec Developer:

The Designer Series is a new series that uses power levels that range from 1600 watts to 1725 watts, offering you more speed. They also provide more advanced pre-programmed modern technology than previous models; as well as use even more mixing alternatives than ever before:

  • The 600
  • The 625
  • The 675
  • The 725/725C

Blendtec Expert Series:

  • Expert 750
  • Specialist 800

This series is one of the most effective one offered. The stealth technology additionally makes it “the world’s quietest blender”.

The control panel, the housing layout, and also the modern technology behind the motors are what distinguish the Classic and Developer designs. The Blendtec Expert series offers features above; as well as past what you will certainly find in any of the various other collection.


Now that we have provided you a little information about the brand-new variations of the Blendtec blender or food processors. We’ll advise you of the five we assessed that you might such as one of the most:

  • Leading Choose — Blendtec Professional 800 Silent Mixer with WildSide+ Container
  • The Runner-Up — Blendtec Designer Collection Blender Or Food Processor with WildSide+ Container
  • Finest for the Money — Blendtec Overall Standard Original Mixer with FourSide Jar
  • Blendtec Total Amount Classic Original Mixer with WildSide+ Jar
  • Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Professional Blender Or Food Processor

With any luck, have actually given you enough details to assist you make the best decision about which Blendtec version is the one for you.

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