What to Look for in a Gaming Headset to Know About

What to Look for in a Gaming Headset to Know About

Although it would be ideal to have a home theater setup for playing video games, not everyone lives alone. Therefore, gaming headsets are a common fix, but they introduce a new issue of their own. With so many options and such a wide variety of features, it’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task of making a final decision.

Stop worrying and learn how to choose the best gaming headset for you. As you come to realize, sometimes less really is more. Take a look below to learn more. You should know the difference between headphones and headsets. In a nutshell, headphones do not often have built-in microphones. This is because music listening is their primary function. In order to talk to your team, you’ll need an additional microphone as audiophile headphones don’t have this feature built-in.

What to Look for in a gaming headset to Know About

Differences Between Headphones and Headsets

On the other hand, headsets include a microphone in the design. Depending on the maker and type, these microphones may be removable, retractable, or built-in. Additional features on gaming headphones are meant to enhance the gaming experience. Now that you know the differences, you won’t end up with the incorrect kind of audio gear.

You should know the difference between headphones and headsets. In a nutshell, headphones do not often have built-in microphones. This is because music listening is their primary function. Audiophile headphones likely won’t feature a built-in microphone, so if you want to chat with your colleagues (or trash-talk your adversaries), you’ll need an additional microphone.

Things You Should Always Check For

While headsets with extra features will always be appealing to gamers, the fit is the first and most crucial consideration for any headset purchase. No matter how many functions a headset has, it won’t be worth purchasing if it’s uncomfortable to wear. If it holds up to this scrutiny, you may go on to investigating further.


Since gaming sessions tend to last for hours when done with others, your comfort should come first. You might get headaches from wearing clothing that is too tight or too loose. As perspiration builds up, it may cause chafing and discomfort due to friction.

You should test out different headsets for video games if given the opportunity. The majority of modern headsets are adjustable, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your needs. But if you purchase a pair online and are able to send them back, you should do so if they cause you any kind of pain or discomfort.

Absorption of Noise

One must also take into account the issue of soundproofing. In video games, subtle audible signals play a huge role in influencing player choice. The ability to hear is crucial to your success.

You’ll have a huge edge over the competition if you can detect distant footsteps and other subtle acoustic changes thanks to a properly sealed headset. It may take some time for the headphones’ cushions to conform to your head.

Some manufacturers provide replacement pads in a larger size for those with larger ears. In such case, it’s better to just get a pair that will undoubtedly suit you.

The bass response is greatly diminished if the cups do not make full contact with your head, thus if you wear glasses, you should obtain velour pads or a headset with eyeglass grooves.

Try a different headset if you can hear too much ambient noise. You’re either looking at a pair of open-back gaming headphones, or the isolation is quite bad. The latter layout is deliberate, but we’ll get into the details later.

Material and Quality

Many consumers choose metal because they believe it will last longer and be more dependable. Most modern headsets, however, are made of plastic since metal components might add unnecessary weight. In spite of this, the best gaming headsets are often made from a few different components.

Some are largely plastic while others are all metal on the inside. A product with steel in it is more likely to last, so keep an eye out for it. If you can’t afford to employ metal, look for durable polymer constructions instead.

Avoid purchasing these low-quality headphones if at all possible, since the fragile plastics may break under even a little strain.

The Microphone

The microphones on gaming headsets aren’t up to the standards of professional recording equipment, so you won’t sound like David Attenborough in his nature films. As a result, the bass range is often subpar. You can compensate by moving the mic, but that’s about it.

Try to find microphones that can be adjusted. While it’s mostly a matter of taste, detachable microphones may be preferable for frequent fliers among gamers. These are more durable and less prone to breaking when traveling.

Multichannel Audio

You won’t find 3D sound on gaming headsets, but you will find surround sound. It’s widely used and has helped players pinpoint the exact locations of their foes. With surround sound, you can hear every sound coming from every direction, making it easier to pinpoint the source of an attack.

When compared to traditional 2D sound, 3D sound allows you to hear everything around you. Few games support 3D sound, hence few gaming headphones provide it.

The PC already has surround sound choices like Dolby Atoms and many more, and your consoles should support the format. You may utilize surround sound on your gaming headphones with ease since they function through 3.5 mm ports and USB.

The audio in first-person shooters is usually quite important, thus you should play with surround sound. However, this is not often the case in rhythm games or multiplayer online battle arenas. Stereo sound is sufficient for playing these games successfully.


Some people may not need a headset constantly, but nobody loves having to use one. Products produced nowadays may simultaneously please the user’s eyes and hearing. You may choose from a wide variety of styles to find something that suits your taste.

Other Features

Learn about wired or wireless options here. These may conflict, so choose carefully.

Wireless vs. Wired

Both connections will provide excellent sound, but you must choose one. USB or 3.5 mm audio jacks power-wired headsets. Wireless variants link to PCs through USB dongles or consoles and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

No Bluetooth chipset means cheaper wired headsets. There are more possibilities than wireless headsets. No batteries or software to install adds to the convenience.

Wired headphones sound better than wireless ones since they don’t sacrifice sound quality. Expensive models sound great.

However, carelessness might break the cable and disable the headset. The cable prevents you from carrying one around.

Wireless headsets let players grab a drink while talking.

High-end versions have great battery life. They charge less and last longer. However, forgetting might drain your battery.

Bluetooth chipsets and other circuitry make wireless headphones more costly than similar models. Because producers compromise, cheaper ones are typically not worth buying.

Bluetooth 5.0 and above devices provide a better range and less feedback and interference.

Wireless headsets always have lag. Bluetooth connections may delay sound. It’s an unavoidable evil.

Bluetooth vs USB dongle is also significant. Using the same headset on various devices is difficult with the latter. Extensions may avoid the requirement for a USB port, but they appear messy. Direct Bluetooth is more versatile. Wireless headphones are improving, but wired ones remain popular. Which is better depends on your surroundings and requirements.


ANC blocks outside sound. Since headphone cups seal, all headsets provide passive noise cancellation. ANC allows more.

ANC eliminates outside noise so you can hear the game and your teammates. ANC lets professionals compete in noisy environments without distractions.

Feedback, feedforward, and adaptive ANC exist. Adaptive ANC mixes feedback with feedforward, which is superior.

ANC gaming headsets are rare, but you may locate a reasonable selection. The large names create these headsets, so you can trust them more than an obscure label.

It’s optional, but it enhances immersion. Use such a product with caution as you won’t hear anything.

Open-Back or Closed-Back

Open-back and closed-back headset cups exist. Open-back gaming headphones have benefits despite their lower bass response.

You may still hear outside sounds with an open-back cup. This setup leaks game audio and removes certain basses.

Since design impacts acoustics, open-backed headsets sound more natural. Heat may escape, unlike closed-backed versions.

Closed-back headphones exclude outside noise and allow gamers to focus.

Living with someone requires awareness of your environment. Thus, open-backed design has value. The closed-back design is great for gaming.

Head Tracking

When using a headset, the right sound orientation is delivered on the premise that you are looking directly at the screen. However, the moment you turn around, you’ll realize how out of place you really are. The gaming industry has responded by creating headsets that monitor the user’s head movements.

By detecting the position of your head, specialized software may make it seem as if noises are coming from all around you. Because the software is continually adjusting depending on your head position, augmented reality and virtual reality games stand to gain the most from this.

Unfortunately, this is not a common function in gaming headphones. The JBL Quantum ONE is a famous case in point. To make the head tracking even more lifelike, it also includes JBL’s unique Quantum SPHERE 360 7.1 Surround Sound.

You’ll need to decide whether head tracking is essential to your gaming experience, since these headsets tend to be more expensive. It’s not really necessary for most games, thus it’s a niche choice.

Dedicated Software

The JBL Quantum ONE is one of the gaming headsets that comes with its own software. While not required, a headgear customization program might be a useful addition. You may customize the sound profiles on your Razer Opus X with the accompanying software.

You may customize your listening experience with a variety of audio profiles. During your grind sessions, the gaming presets will serve you well, while the other presets may be used for relaxing listening.

If you have experience with equalization, you may even be able to adjust the bass levels directly inside certain applications. You may need to conduct some research, since not all applications provide such functionality.

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